“I believe one of the best things about managing people
is that we can influence lives in a positive way.
That’s basically what a manager is about.”
– Arsene Wenger – 


We are an international organization dedicated to the management of professional football careers.

Working in partnership with RAMP Management Group International, our prospection focuses on the American, Asian and especially on the African market.

Nevertheless, most of our business happen in Europe, since that, in regard to the development and consolidation of our athletes, we offer them the possibility to play some of the best competitions in the world. For example, the main leagues of France, Spain and Portugal.

Our Services

Discovery of Talents

Committing ourselves to the integral development of our athletes, we ensure several functions related to the management of sports careers.

At the beginning of our process lies the discovery of talents.


From there, we seek to optimize the player´s performance not only by monitoring his training, but also by controlling of other influential aspects in the life of a footballer.

Professional Support

That’s why our work also extends to the negotiation of contracts, search for sponsorships and financial and media guidance.

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